Racchetta padel PAAR Power


12K PRO Line rackets has been developed to players willing to achieve the highest level in game performance.

The tear shape racket enables that the player has full control in maneuvers during handling. Optimal for plays that require more offensive or defensive maneuvers, whether in right or left position within the field.

In order to assure an outstanding ball output in professional high-level plays, for a high play performance, 12K PRO Line rackets are manufactured with EVA Soft. This technology enables balance between power, control and comfort, in each play.

With 100% carbon reinforced frame, that makes that the player has control over the racket, no losing stability.

And it is supplied with Surf Strap – a detachable, washable and replaceable strap. Your racket
in new condition for much longer time.


Made in China
Construction 12k
Format Teardrop
Frame 100% Carbon
Weight 365 – 375 g
Face 3

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